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Free Disney Dining: Is it Worth It?

Well, Walt Disney World has listed the dates they will offer free dining for 2018, and it looks like the dates are limited… I don’t know, gang. You will pay for a lot just to get free dining and I’m not sure it will be worth the savings. August 20th through September 29th, if you have infants, toddlers, or pre-schoolers this is the time for you! When I’ve traveled with my little ones, we’ve done September and its great. The weather is still hot, so afternoon naps and pool-time are very welcomed. With that said, if you are already planning to travel during this time, great!

Stay at the Disney Grand Floridian

What Makes Free Dining A Good Deal?

All the big kiddos will be back in school. I actually do recommend you stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort Hotel with little ones because it’s easier to get back to your room when they need a break. I like all of the options Disney offers in this category except Animal Kingdom, only because it is so far out there. However, if you have a little one who loves the wild life, then have at it. Just know your bus ride will be about 20 minutes.

Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Is it Worth it if you have Toddlers?

The Disney Dining Plan is nice because you get the sit-down restaurant experience, but that may be lost on little ones. If you like the idea of the sit-down dining, I recommend breakfasts at:  Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, The Crystal Palace, Trattoria al Forno or 1900 Park Fair since little Disney babes tend to go to bed earlier and rise earlier. Also, this package requires you to buy a Park Hopper which I don’t think you need with littles. Park Hopping is hard to do in a resort as big as Disney World. It’s more suitable for teenagers. Finally, if you book before 180 days, you have a shot at getting your first-choice dining options. If you book after, options may be limited… Also, it’s a lot of food for babies/toddlers and any kid under 9 MUST order off the children’s menu which is pretty limited.

Disney’s Polynesian Village & Bungalows

Thanksgiving Dining

November 24th through November 27th; not sure of the benefits unless maybe you live in Florida. Thanksgiving is November 22nd this year. This plan starts on a Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving vacation? I guess I’m biased because I spent my 40th birthday and Thanksgiving this year with my family in Disney World and we had free dining the whole 7 days.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Christmas Dining

Ahhhhh, Christmas! Sort of… deal ends December 23rd, but how fun to go and then be in your own cozy home Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? You get to see all the beautiful decorations and I do believe this would be a great time for anyone to take advantage of free Disney Dining.

Happy Travels!

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