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DisneyBounding vs. Disney Theming

What’s difference between “DisneyBounding” and “Disney Theming”? Well, that’s a good question because there is seemingly a lot of overlap. When I am getting ready to go on a trip with my family, I have to be careful not to combine the two. Luckily, I have a teenage daughter reminding me/scolding me when I begin to cross over ; )

Disneybounding is more artistic in nature. It’s very subtle. It’s as if we are the hidden Mickey! When we bound let’s think contemporary inspiration! We might also want to think, “Would I wear this outfit to Walmart?” If what we’ve put together becomes so obvious that it’s bordering awkward, then it might not fall into the bounding category anymore ; ) The whole purpose in bounding is to have a look inspired by a character. When we’re seen in the park, other guest ought to do a double take, but have to think about it. A good example, I was in the park waiting for a parade to begin when I spotted a couple. The guy had on a dark brown pair of shorts, a light green t-shirt, a kelly green beanie with red sunglasses facing backward. Then I looked at his girlfriend who had on a blue dress with a black belt, black flats and a blue bow in her hair. I loved it! It was modernly accessorized; they really could have been anywhere. Bounding can be fun for us because it doesn’t have to cost much money. We should always start with what we have and go from there.

Disney theming is different than bounding, because it’s obvious who we are when we theme! I have a family of five: mom, dad, daughter, son, son. We love the Incredibles. I first used this theme for Halloween night on the Disney Dream cruise in September 2014. I bought matching red t-shirts with the Incredibles Logo and black super hero masks from the Halloween Spirit store. Since then, we’ve worn our t-shirts to both Disneyland and Disney World (I don’t think you can’t wear a mask into the park and I don’t think you’d really want to; too hot!) We get compliments all the time. It just looks nice together. Red looks great in pictures too! Theming is really fun because it’s so noticeable. The down side of theming, however, is the cost! It’s expensive! Especially when you have a larger family to accommodate!

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